Start Color

Start Color is a free Android application to help you find the starting player in your next game easily:

  1. Select which colors are playing
  2. Swipe to start
  3. See which color is the start player
  4. Enjoy your boardgame 

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This app will remain available for free and does not contain any advertisement. 


New colors

Which new colors should be added to the app?

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H-P at 19 october 2021, 14:50:
Dark brown
Henk at 11 october 2021, 22:12:
Thank you Simon for this nice corona proof (and ads free) start player app!
For now it supports the playing colors of all my games!
Also great it remembers the last used colors for the next use of the app!
Thijs at 10 october 2021, 20:55:
Great and corona proof (not all touching same phone) startplayer app
Beige/wood could be added
Juan S at 10 october 2021, 19:35:

Great app. When is this also out for iOS?

Colours that could be added: Silver, Beige and translucent (for those rare games with glass pieces which have no Colour.

Simon: iOS requires a paid yearly developer license and a Mac computer to build updates. Unfortunately that makes it an inaccessible platform for free apps, however the web version works on iOS. 

Marc P at 10 october 2021, 19:19:
Thanks for this great app! It's become our gaming group's go-to start player selection app.

Gold would be a nice addition!